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The idea for this site came because there wasn’t any information available on Musil at all on the internet at the time. I decided to do something about this. In 1997 a first, rather clumsy site was published. It was the first site on Musil, and has remained so until early 1999, when a French site was launched, which has been defunct for some time now. Of course there are now more sources on Musil and his works (see the links section), but none of them are as thorough as mine, I’m proud to say. But the sites listed in the links section contain some very good and insightful articles.

Large parts of this site owe a lot to Wilfried Berghahn’s rororo monographie published by Rowohlt Verlag and an essay on the later years of Musils’ life: Markus Kreuzwiesers’ section on Robert Musil during his years in exile published in Östereichischer Literatur im Exil ©2002 Universität Salzburg.

I have been getting a lot of positive response from a lot of people. Sometimes I get engaged in some intellectual discussion with people who somehow think I am an authority on the works of Musil. Some of this feedback goes back into the site. I must apologise to those of you who have pointed out some very valuable errors, omissions, viewpoints, essays, critics, etc. I did not include you in the copyrights, or give thanks in some other way.

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  • sorry, I don’t see how to go into your site, sounds fascinating