The main chapters have been written by me although large parts of this site owe a lot to Wilfried Berghahn’s rororo monographie published by Rowohlt Verlag and an essay on the later years of Musils’ life: Markus Kreuzwiesers’ section on Robert Musil during his years in exile published in Östereichischer Literatur im Exil ©2002 Universität Salzburg [link]. Some of the translations of his diaries are mine.

Generally texts are free to be used 75 years after its authors death: Musil died in 1942. This should make them free to be published in 2012. I am taking the liberty to publish excerpts without permission from the legal copyright holders on Musils’ works. But that goes only for german texts. The translations have their own copyright holders. They are mentioned here. The essays I have gathered here come from a variety of sources. Mostly I have included them here because they shed some light on one or more (aspects) of the works of Musil. I have usually asked the authors, in some cases (i.e. NYBR essays) the publisher, if they would not object to the publication of their work on my site.

Below follows information on the respective copyright owners of the texts that are used on this site.

All German Musil texts: ©Rowohlt Verlag
Adolf Frisé texts © Rowohlt Verlag
English Translation of Man without Qualities: Burton Pike/Sophie Wilkins.
The following texts are © New York Times Review of Books , On the Edge of Revelation, Death and the Dichter, The Man of Many Qualities
“Young Törless,” from Selected Writings ©1986 by The Continuum Publishing Company. Translated by Eithne Wilkins and Ernst Kaiser
Posthumous Papers of a living author; Translated by Peter Wortsman, Published by Penguin Books

All copyrights for the essays, except where mentioned otherwise, belong to the respective writers of the texts.

This page is not finished yet. If I infringe on your ownership please let me know

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