Januari 30, 2012: changed the forum again. It is now neatly integrated into this wordpress site. One advantage of that is that it is protected against forum-spam by the invaluable Akismet plugin. The forum is converted from the phpBB forum to the bbpress pluging. All contents, dates and users are converted. Enjoy.

Januari 4, 2012: fixed the forum. By removing Joomla I sort of disabled logging into the forum, but fixed that. There’s a link to the forum just below the Search box. It doesn’t align neatly at the moment, but that is not a big issue, I think.

Januari 3, 2012: had to install the Akismet anti-comment-span plugin. After releasing the website lots of spam comments reached me. After installing the plugin, no more spam mail and comments were sent through the site. One of the aims of replacing the joomla site has thus been reached.

Januari 2, 2012: added the old links to the new site. Checked some links in the site.

Januari 1, 2012: updated the Portrait and Covers gallery: added several covers of Musil’s works in different languages. Brought the entire new site online. Notified old site users. Heaps of spam, but activated the Akismet plugin.

December 29, 2011: included the missing Movere als Motiv essay by Hermann Sileitsch. It has been missing for some 8 months from this site.

December 2011: I’m wordpressing this site: Joomla is a bit too complicated and too many fake user registration/guuestbook entries.

July 22, 2011: disabled user registration again. Three fake users everyday. And I’ll be going on holiday soon for three-and-a-half weeks: that’s 72 fake users I have to delete…

July 10, 2011: The Russians are blocked again… Russian domains foul up my statistics … Maybe I can enable user registration again? I’ll give it a try…

June 12, 2011: disabled user registration. If people really want to contribute, the have to mail me… The Russians are welcome again…

May 25, 2011 Decided to block all visitors from Russia. Every night I receive fake new users for this site with user names like mohambirjq, bslcuryrv, DevenderYadav. They never login, and if they do they leave unwanted ads in the forum in Cyrillic for housing in i-don’t-know-where. I’m getting tired of removing these bot-entries.

May 5, 2011: This robertmusil.net site has been online for about two weeks now and it already has a link to it in the Guardian in an article on essayism. I am proud of that.

May 2, 2011: Had to install a captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) on the Contact Me and Register forms to prevent bots from inserting messages (spam) or unwanted logins. After not even a week my robermusil.net email address got spammed.

May 1, 2011: Adjusted the Latest Articles component to shown only the articles that were modified last x days, and not x latest articles whether they are 2 days old or 9 months.

Created a Joomla tips page with all extensions I use and core adjustments I made.

May, 2011: The Dutch site is up: transferred all the contents of the musil wiki page that was hosted on the wiki site of my ISP and updated some content, changed the structure to be a copy of this English site.

April 2011: Installed the phpBB forum software on forum.robertmusil.net. Users can view all posts, but need to register to reply and/or post topics. I hope it all works … To be able to use the forum you have to register at this robertmusil.net site. Whether you register at this site or at the forum site, you’ll be registered at both. Thank you Jimmy Lo for testing.

Installed JoomlaStats, to see where visitors are coming from and what pages they visit. You can see some stats on the Home-page.

April 20, 2011: Finally, after 14 years (well, almost) this site is on its own domain: www.robertmusil.net. A Dutch hosting company makes it ridiculously cheap and easy to have a Joomla driven site online in under an hour. New languages (Dutch) will be added in time. I have been working on it for two weeks or so and all I had to do was copy the contents of the database and the joomla files to my domain and that was it. Jimmy Lo is the first user.

2011. Discovered Joomla. A great open source CMS. I transferred all the Musil site content to it. I took a template (JA Purity) and changed it to my liking. What else did I do?

did some (much needed) spell-checking
Changed the menu structure:
divided the Poetics chapter into two parts; Literary Ambitions and Ulrich,
created a separate Copyrights and History chapter
“Unflashed” the image-galleries and timeline and used Joomla plugins instead
Reinstated the guestbook (Easybook Reloaded Joomla component)
improved the UI.
Changed the Bibliography, it is much more readable now and started a bibliographical section
Joomla allows you to add nifty tricks like Random Image, Recent Articles with just a few mouse-clicks. So I did that, hoping it is not too intrusive on the UI.
Closed down the forum. This domain will eventually host a subdomain called forum.robertmusil.net. Be patient.

2010. Had to clean up the forum, and will close it down eventually. Only Chinese shoe-makers seem to be interested in posting: and not on Musil.

2006. Worked on an interactive php/mysql site which ran on my home computer. It ran for two year. People were enthusiastic about it, but then my computer died. The site was all grey and gloomy, pretty boring.

July 2004: Added a forum to the site. Powered by activeboard.com. It is a good service by activeboard.com: it is free, customisable and only one add per page. If you use a good, modern browser (Firefox, Konqueror, Opera) you won’t even notice them. I hope people are going to use it.

July 2004: Created a Musil TimeLine in Flash. It isn’t very flashy yet, but it is a good start. I like it. It is to be found at the Biography page and most other pages on the left side menu under Timeline. Or click here to see it right now.

January 2004: Changed the Covers and Images pages. These two are now Flash animations. They are quite heavy, but not as heavy as they were. Flash-player 6 is needed. FLASH IS EVIL!!! HAS BEEN SO SINCE 1997!!!

December 2003: Removed my email address from this site. I was receiving heaps of spam. Since I removed the address it has almost stopped. If you want to contact me, please use the guestbook. I check it daily and I do respond.

October 2003: Did some spell-checking. Should have done this much earlier. Changed the introduction. Added a HomeSite page, and removed the site that I had made a few years back.

September 2003: Updated the links pages (removed most links, that is). Brought online the new layout. Added the Russian covers. Added a search-this-site option at the bottom of the new pages. Powered by Atomz.

March 2003: Added some covers

November 2002: Corrected some minor errors.

April 2000: Became a member of Barnes and Nobles affiliate program. Added a Buy this Book link to the available titles. This will take you to the appropriate page at Barnes and Nobles. This is no lunger the case as of january 2003.

February 2000: Added some new covers. Added Hovering Life essay. Enhanced the Homepage

May 1999: Added Keyboard Navigation. The underlined letters indicate the ‘hot-keys.

April 1999 Added the three essays taken from the New York Book Review

April 1999: Removed/updated the last “dead links”.

March 1999: Finished updating the pages to the new layout. They are placed in a directory called “NG”: Next Generation 🙂

March 1999: Publication of the new layout.

February 1999: Added the Fragen nach Musil essay by Adolf Frise.

January 1999: Started working on the new layout, which is only accessible to 4.x browsers.

October 1998: Enhanced the guestbook. You can now state your favourite book.

June 1998: Added the diary section. Translated the German text into English.

January 1998: Added some JavaScript, mainly for the mouse-over-button effects.

October 1997: Added the WebTracker page-hit counters. 6324 visitors so far.

September 1997: Added the guestbook.

October 1997: English version up and running.

1 June 1997: First publication, in Dutch.