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    Jerry van Beers

    What is your favourite Musil quote? For a list of quotes, see brainyquotes or goodreads musil quotes



    Just too much to remember any fraction of them.:)

    A few Top-of-the-Lists:
    If there is a sense of reality, there must also be a sense of possibility.
    A chapter that can be skipped by anyone who has no very high opinion of thinking as an occupation.

    and, since I have no access to an English translation:
    Das geht aber nur so lange gut, wie man nicht gezwungen wird, den Blick aus seherischer Ferne auf gegenwärtige Nähe zu richten, und den Satz lesen muß, daß inzwischen ein Rennpferd genial geworden ist. (Ch. 13 Para.5 Sent.1)

    Es hatte sich bloß die Abneigung jedes
    Menschen gegen die ‘ Bestrebungen jedes ändern Menschen, in der wir heute alle einig sind, in diesem Staat schon früh, und man kann sagen, zu einem sublimierten Zeremoniell ausgebildet, das noch große Folgen hätte haben können, wenn seine Entwicklung ‘ nicht durch eine Katastrophe vor der Zeit unterbrochen worden wäre. (Ch.8 Para.4 last sentence. The last sentence of this paragraph is profoundly touching too, Musil’s love for Austria is so genuinely expressed, on which no hypocrisy can set foot.)
    and so on…



    So many. Almost every page of Man Without Qualities (which I’m still in the middle of right now) is full to the brim with quotable quotes. I’m almost too overwhelmed to pick just one, but here’s one for starters:

    “The probability of learning something unusual from a newspaper is far greater than that of experiencing it; in other words, it is in the realm of the abstract that the more important things happen in these times, and it is the unimportant that happens in real life.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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