On these pages you will find excerpts from and essays on the works of Robert Musil.

In the excerpts section, in time, you will find excerpts from all his major literary works. They are included here for enjoyment and serve as an example to the many psychological, philosophical and aesthetical themes Musil includes in his works.

The articles I have gathered here come from several sources and are also meant to be an introduction to Musil and his work. Each of the here presented writings tries to place Musil in a broader literary, historical, philosophical or psychological context. The source of these writings is diverse: some come from the internet, whilst others come from older, out-of-print books. Most will be in English, some in German.

Also included is a by no means complete bibliography. A lot of what is written on Musil is no longer available or only in libraries, or literary magazines. A good starting point for finding literature on the writings of Musil are University Libraries. The titles I have listed here are personal choices: I think that these books give good introductions to the many facets of Musil ‘s work.

A note to English readers: some of the essays gathered on this site are in German. They are very worthwhile, but also rather difficult. You really need to be a German major.

Enjoy what you will find here. Additions and comments are always appreciated.

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  • Mark Hugh Miller from San Francisco, CA, United States says:

    Robert Musil’s writing – particularly in translation – is sometimes difficult to understand, but rewards those who endeavor. Often there is no difficulty. Regardless,his peculiar genius delivers the pleasure that comes from reading literature written at the highest level.