From The New York Review Of Books

J.M. COETZEE – On the Edge of Revelation
On the English Translation of Three Women
John Bayley – Death and the Dichter
On Musil as Dichter and ‘Vereinigungen’.
J M Coetzee – The Man of Many Qualities
On (the English translation of) Musils’ diaries.

Other Sources

The Unfinished – George Steiner
Musil as writer and thinker. Mainly about Man Without Qualities
This article was snailmailed by Karen Dawson.

The Hovering Life – William H. Gass
– On the Man Without Qualities.
Read the reaction by prof. Philip H. Beard

The restoration of The Man without Qualities – Harvey Pekar
A review of the English translation by Alfred A. Knopf

Modernity Laid Bare – Virgil Newmoianu
The same, with emphasis on the historical context

The Monstrous Novel – Frederik Tygstrup
On the so-called unreadable novels by Joyce, Proust, Musil. An essay in literary history

German Texts

For German readers: there are some good essays to be found at Search for the Musil keyword, and quite a few essays will be shown. None of them will be used for this site.

Fragen nach Musil – Adolf Frisé
Stichworte zu seiner Biogragphie. On Musil and his characters.

Meine Jahrhundertroman – Milan Kundera
Kundera’s appreciation of The Man Without Qualities.

Eine Zeit ohne Eigenschaften – Harmut Böhme
Robert Musil und die Posthistoire.

Ordnung Und Möglichkeit – Thomas Pekar
Robert Musils ‘Möglichkeitssinn’ als Poetologisches Prinzip.
‘Movere’ als Motiv – Hermann Sileitsch
Zur Topik und Motivik von Robert Musils Die Vollendung der Liebe.

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